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Vintage Indie, Mod, Hippie Clothing, Retro Clothes & More! offers an eclectic collection of authentic vintage clothing online for men, women and children, including collector garments and accessories, military apparel and vintage home decor. As veterans in the vintage clothing industry, we are experts in locating quality vintage items that are valuable, desirable and historically significant. Whether your passion is for 1930s cocktail dresses, 1950s motorcycle jackets, 1960s hippie apparel, or any other kind of vintage retro clothes, you will find it here at

Hand-selected by our professional vintage consultants, is proud to showcase unique vintage and indie clothes from the classic eras we admire most--the 1930s through today. With new items added to our inventory daily, shoppers are presented with the largest selection of men's, women's, kid's and military vintage clothing available on the Web with the opportunity to discover one-of-a-kind pieces they can't find anywhere else. We carry vintage mod clothing for avid collectors and shoppers alike, taking the time to provide product details such as garment descriptions and historical information.

Go green with eco-friendly vintage clothing. Vintage clothing is not only a way to express your unique sense of style, it is an eco-friendly approach to clothes shopping. At, we offer 100 percent eco-friendly vintage indie clothing, giving you the opportunity to protect the environment without sacrificing style. Every time you purchase a vintage garment you are reducing our impact on the environment by keeping items from the landfill.

At, we understand that collecting is more than a pastime; it is a way to preserve and admire history, culture and most importantly fashion. Whether you own 1960s hippie clothing or WWII bomber jackets, we can help you add valuable and historical pieces to your collection. This is why we have neatly categorized our items by type of garment or era, making it easy for you to explore and find the item you have been searching for. Many of our clients are also designers and stylists on the hunt for quality fabrics such as vintage gabardine silk or cotton. Whether you're a stylist, vintage collector or discerning shopper and have a passion for quality vintage and designer clothing, can satisfy your obsession.

Vintage Clothing
and fashion from all eras.

Military Clothing
and fashion from all eras.

Women's Vintage Clothing
Women's Vintage Accessories
 Vintage Belts
 Vintage Hats
 Vintage Purses/Bags
 Vintage Scarves
Women's Vintage Dresses
 Vintage Chinese/Mandarin Dresses
 Vintage Day Dresses
 Vintage Ethnic/Hippie Dresses
 Vintage Evening/Cocktail Dresses
 Vintage Halter Dresses
 Vintage Hawaiian Dresses
 70's Long/Disco Dresses
 Vintage Wedding Dresses
Women's Vintage Jackets/Coats
 Vintage Blazers
 Vintage Chinese/Mandarin Jackets
 Vintage Denim Jackets
 Vintage Duffle Coats
 Vintage Eskimo Coats
 Vintage Ethnic/Hippie Jackets
 Vintage Faux Fur Coats
 Vintage Leather/Suede Jackets
 Vintage Overcoats
 Vintage Pea Coats
 Vintage Fur Coats
 Vintage Ski Jackets
Women's Vintage Lingerie
 Vintage Bloomers
 Vintage Bras
 Vintage Camisoles
 Vintage Garter Belts
 Vintage Girdles
 Vintage Nightgowns
 Vintage Panties
 Vintage Robes/Kimonos
 Vintage Slips
Women's Vintage Pants
 50's Side Zip Pants
 80s Designer Pants
 Vintage Bellbottom Pants
 Vintage Capri Pants
 Vintage Flare Pants
 Vintage Ski Pants
 Vintage Tapered Leg Pants
Women's Vintage Shirts/Blouses/Tops
 Vintage Bowling Shirts
 Vintage Chinese/Mandarin Shirts
 Vintage Ethnic/Hippie Shirts
 Vintage Evening/Formal Shirts
 Vintage Halter Tops
 Vintage Hawaiian Shirts
 Vintage T-Shirts
 Vintage Western Shirts
Women's Vintage Shorts
 Vintage Bermuda Shorts
 Vintage Coulottes
 Vintage Gauchos
 Vintage Hot Pants
Women's Vintage Skirts
 Vintage A-Line Skirts
 Vintage Calico Skirts
 Vintage Ethnic/Hippie Skirts
 Vintage Full/Poodle/Swing Skirts
 Vintage Kilts
 Vintage Leather Crochet Skirts
 Vintage Long Skirts
 Vintage Mini Skirts
Women's Vintage Suits
 Vintage Pant Suits
 Vintage Play Suits
 Vintage Skirt Suits
Women's Vintage Sweaters
 Vintage Beaded Sweaters
 Vintage Cardigan Sweaters
 Vintage Crochet Sweaters
 Vintage Curling/Cowichan Sweaters
 Vintage Pullover Sweaters
 Vintage Short Sleeve Sweaters
 Vintage Ski Sweaters
 Vintage Turtleneck Sweaters
Women's Vintage Swimwear
 Vintage Cover-ups
 Vintage Swimsuits
Women's Vintage Vests
 Vintage Ethnic/Hippie Vests
 Vintage Long Vests
 Vintage Short Vests
 Vintage Ski Vests
 Vintage Suede/Fringe Vests
 Vintage Western Vests
Men's Vintage Clothing
Men's Vintage Accessories
 Vintage Belts
 Vintage Belt Buckles
 Vintage Hats
 Vintage ID Cases
 Vintage Lighters
 Vintage Scarves
 Vintage Ties
Men's Vintage Jackets/Coats
 Vintage 2 Pocket Indigo
 Vintage Car Coats
 Vintage CPO Jacket
 Vintage Duffle Coat
 Vintage Leather Jackets
 Vintage Lee Storm Rider Jackets
 Vintage Letterman Jackets
 Vintage Levis Big E Jackets
 Vintage Motorcycle/Cafe Jackets
 Vintage Overcoats
 Vintage Pea Coats
 Vintage Ski Jackets
 Vintage Tuxedo Jackets
Men's Vintage Loungewear
 Vintage Pajamas
 Vintage Robes
Men's Vintage Overalls/Coveralls
 Vintage Bib and Brace Overalls
 Vintage Hunting Overalls
 Vintage Workwear
Men's Vintage Pants
 70's Polyester Pants
 Vintage Bellbottom Pants
 Vintage Corduroy Pants
 Vintage Hunting Pants
 Vintage Adidas/Nike Jog Pants
 Vintage Lee Jeans
 Vintage Levi 501 Jeans
 Vintage Levi 501 Redline Jeans
 Vintage Levi 505 Jeans
 Vintage Levi 517 Jeans
 Vintage Levi Bellbottom Jeans
 Vintage Levi Big E Jeans
 40's/50's Pleated Dress Pants
 Straight Leg Dress Pants
Men's Vintage Shirts
 Disco Shirts
 Vintage Bowling Shirts
 Vintage Denim Snap Front Shirts
 Vintage Ethnic/Hippie/Guayabera Shirts
 Vintage Flannel/Check Shirts
 Vintage Hawaiian Shirts
 Vintage Rockabilly/Swing Shirts
 Retro Jerseys
 Vintage Tuxedo Shirts
 Vintage Western Shirts
Men's Vintage Shorts
Men's Vintage Suits
Men's Vintage Sweaters
 Vintage Cardigans/Golf Sweaters
 Vintage Curling/Cowichan Sweaters
 Vintage Pullover/Argyle Sweaters
 Vintage School/College/Letterman Sweaters
 Vintage Ski/Snowflake Sweaters
Men's Vintage Sweatshirts
 Vintage College Sweatshirts
 Vintage 40's/50's Sweatshirts
 Vintage Hooded Sweatshirts
 Vintage Adidas/Nike/Puma Jog Tops
 Vintage Crew Neck Sweatshirts
 Vintage 60's Sweatshirts
Men's Vintage Swimwear
 Vintage Bathing Suits/Swim Trunks
Men's Vintage T-Shirts
 Vintage College T-Shirts
 Vintage 70s/80s Football T-Shirts
 Vintage Harley Davidson T-Shirts
 Vintage Iron-on/Heat Transfer T-Shirts
 Vintage Military T-Shirts
 Vintage Baseball T-Shirts
 Vintage Reversible T-Shirts
 Vintage Ringer T-Shirts
 Vintage Rock T-Shirts
 Vintage Surf T-Shirts
Men's Vintage Vests
Kid's Vintage Clothing
Men's and Women's
Vintage Military Clothing
Military Surplus Clothing
 for Army, Navy, Air-Force & Marines(USMC).
Military Jackets & Coats
Vintage and Surplus
Flight Jackets, Bomber Jackets, Navy Deck & Pea Coats, Ike & Jungle Jackets, Parkas, Tunics, Officer's, Mackinaw & Liners.
MA-1, B-11, B-15, M-43, M-65, N2-B, N3-B and lots more!
Military Overalls & Coveralls
Vintage and Surplus
Flight Suits, Combat Vehicle, Tankers, Herringbone, Hot, Cold & Wet Weather, CWU-1/P, CWU-27/P, CWU-33/P.
Military Pants
Vintage and Surplus
Field Pants, Flight Pants, Jungle Fatigues, Hot & Cold Weather, Battledress, European, Herringbone, Wind & Fire Resistant, Sailor, Utility, 2,4,6 and 7 pocket.
Military Shirts
Vintage and Surplus
Combat, Officer's, Utility Shirts, Middy Tops, Herringbone, Flying, Hot Weather Fire Resistant, Sweatshirts, T-Shirts and more!
Military Blankets & Sleeping Bags
Genuine U.S. Army Blankets!
Military Headgear
Hats, Hoods, Helmet Nets!
Hunting Gear
Hunting Suits, Jackets, Pants, Shirts, Hats, Camo and Accessories!
More military items added all the time!
And More Retro Clothing
30's Clothing
40's Clothing
50's Clothing
60's Clothing
70's Clothing
80's Clothing
90's Clothing
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Vintage Sweatshirts
Vintage T-Shirts
Vintage Swimwear
Vintage Accessories
Vintage Denim Pants
Vintage Denim Jackets
Vintage Western Clothing
Vintage Jewelry
Vintage Denim
Vintage Levi Jeans
Vintage Lee Jeans
Vintage Wrangler Jeans
Vintage Levi Jackets
Vintage Lee Jackets
Vintage Wrangler Jackets
Vintage Adidas
Vintage Nike
Vintage Champion
Vintage Housewares
More vintage clothing added all the time!
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