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How do I shop?

  • You may shop 2 ways at
    1. Browse through any of the 4 dressing rooms (New Fashion, Recycled, Vintage or Military).

      1. Begin by rolling your mouse over and clicking one of the 4 dressing rooms – i.e. "Recycled".
      2. Once at the Recycled page, click on a subcategory to browse through - i.e. "Women".
      3. In the style category page, click on the desired style you would like to browse through – i.e. "Pants".
      4. To narrow your search further, you may click on a specific type of pants.
      5. A page of 24 thumbnail images will appear with a brief description.
      6. To get a better look at each item, simply click on the image and a detailed description as well as a larger picture will appear.
      7. From this screen. you may add the item to your shopping basket or to your list of favorites.
      8. Once an item is added to the basket, there are options to edit or cancel the order, continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

    2. To continue shopping, you may use the main menu in the black bar to view another dressing room, or use the breadcrumb menu, just below the black bar to continue browsing through the same sectionIf you have a specific item you are looking for, it may be more convenient to use the "Search" option.

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How do I checkout?

  • Now that all selections have been made, click on "Continue to Checkout", from the Basket page. Or, Once you have placed all of your items in your basket, click on "Continue to Checkout."
  • Next, you will need to create an account. It’s easy, just enter your e-mail and a password, and then click "Continue".
  • Choose a payment method.
  • Enter its related information.
  • Follow the wizard.

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How does the Shopping Basket work?

  • View your order at any time from anywhere on the site by clicking on "Basket". You may edit or delete items in your shopping basket by clicking on "edit item" or "remove item". Your shopping basket displays all the items you’ve added along the way, plus the subtotal.

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Do you have a Simple Search?

  • Yes we do, it is on the main menu bar.

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Do you have an Advanced Search?

  • Yes, we have that too. Click on the word "Search" on the main menu bar.

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What is the difference between the Simple Search and the Advanced Search?

  • Using the simple search is a quick way of finding items but it can retrieve more items than you are looking for. For example if you search for "Dress" your results will also include "Dress Shirts". However in the advanced search you can use the keyword "Dress" in the item field and the advanced search will retrieve only the items that are categorized as "Dress".

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Have you any tips for Keyword Search?

  • Our keyword search works best when using words like "Dress" rather than "Dresses". You may also search using multiple words such as "Levi’s 501".

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How do I find the product(s) I'm looking for?

  • Our site is very easy to navigate. You can start with four options: New Fashion, Recycled, Vintage and Military on the top menu bar and then narrow your search within each category until you find your item. You can also use our Simple and Advanced search options.

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How do I get Home?

  • Finding your way back to the VintageTrends homepage is always just one click away. Simply click on the VintageTrends logo on the top navigation
    bar and we’ll return you to your starting place.

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