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Retro Vintage Polyester Shirts - 70's Disco Clothing

Men's fashion doesn't get any groovier than these retro vintage clothes from the 1970s. Here you will find a variety of quality seventies polyester disco shirts straight from the hippie era of love and peace, available in bright hues and wild patterns. Find floral, striped and photo patterned shirts in small, medium, large and extra-large sizes.

Disco clothing has been seamlessly integrated into today's fashion, as everyone from Hollywood directors to the average Joe has been seen embracing the look, although it would work just as well at a fancy dress party. carries a wide variety of classic 70's clothing for both fashion enthusiasts and vintage collectors. To complete this disco look, pair your favorite polyester shirt with bellbottoms from the same time period. Don't forget to check out our men's vintage accessories such as hats, ties and belts.

Although we carry vintage items, you are sure to find plenty of stylish 70's disco shirts in mint condition. To learn more about the history and condition of these garments, simply select a shirt and read the description and details. Along with our vintage polyester shirts, we carry mens vintage pants, jackets and vests. is the largest online vintage clothing store, with the widest variety of mens, womens, military and kids clothing. We've been online for 8 years in the vintage clothing business. All items are dry cleaned and sanitized before sending.

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